About me

Hi, I'm Amanda.

Thanks for being here! I'll tell you a little about myself so we're not just two random strangers on the internet.

I am a 'fiber artist' and I have specialized in 3D needle felting of people. I mainly work with sheepwool, but I also like to experiment with other fibers.

What do I like most about making the fiber families? The personal aspect, every story is different and every figurine is therefore different. With the fiber families I try to convey the feeling of the moment, in addition to portraying the image well. So that it becomes an even more precious possession for you to have.

Who am I?

I was born on the island of Texel in the Netherlands, and like so many people on Texel, I love the beach, the sea and the forest. However, with 15 years of Amsterdam in my pocket, I also like the hectic of the city from time to time.

I named my company Pinechunks. I have been using this name for about 10 years. A Pine is a 'den' in Dutch and Chunks are 'brokken'. Den Brok, my maiden name.

Owning my own company has been a dream for years. That dream has changed shape several times. From the moment I first came into contact with needle felting in the fall of 2020, it was clear that I had to do something with it.

The combination of a paid job, motherhood and running my own business is sometimes (usually) quite hectic. But I'm extremely grateful that I can do what I love. And that is making all the beautiful figurines for friends, family and by now also for complete strangers and hopefully, in the future, for you too!